Refund not showing

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  1. Hi all , I purchased something on eBay and returned it , fully insured tracked etc , seller signed for it and received and said they had issued me a refund. However on the item on my purchased list it still says paid and not refunded and there is no activity on my paypal account? I paid by credit card , does it simply mean it hasn't gone through yet and I should wait ? Or has the seller not processed the refund ? Any help would be great :smile:
  2. You should have received notification from Paypal that a refund has been given
    back on your account.

    I might call paypal & ask if the credit has been processed.. If it is not showing,
    I would contact your seller & make sure she indeed hs completed it.

  3. Hi hotshot , I have received no notification from paypal. Should I ring eBay or paypal ? I will contact the seller ASAP
  4. Check your spam folder too. The refund shows on the original transaction page and not on a separate page. It also takes about 5 days to show up back on your card once PP processes it.
  5. I rang ebay and they confirmed that no refund has been processed so the ebay rep took a case out ( I couldn't do it before as it stated to return to sender) they've given the seller 8 days but have confirmed I will get my full refund. Thanks :smile:
  6. You should get a refund email notification from PP. But you can double check by signing into your PP account and clicking on the original transaction where you paid - if the seller has refunded then it should be indicated within that screen.

    As you paid by CC then funds won't show in your PP account, they will be returned directly to your CC.

    Hope you get it sorted anyway. Maybe the seller has just muddled you up with another buyer?

  7. Hi BB I have received nothing from paypal and when I signed it shows nothing from the seller , no refund like it normally would. I explained all this to the eBay rep who just said they would open a case and it would give time for the seller to issue a refund, hopefully it will be sorted either way ☺️
  8. They'll probably give the seller a few days to sort it out voluntarily before intervening and forcing the refund themselves, especially as the seller already has the item back.
  9. Call Paypal, not Ebay. Sometimes the link between Paypal and Ebay does not work. If your payment was funded by the credit card, then Paypal will issue a refund to your credit card, so you need to check with your credit card if there is a credit there. But, before anything else, call Paypal.

  10. Should I call paypal when the eBay rep has already taken it to the resolution centre ?
  11. Yes, because if the seller indeed issued a refund and it is just not showing on the ebay transaction for some reason, that is not the seller's fault and she should not have an opene case over her head.

  12. I have rung paypal who have told me that refund has not gone through and it has not completed and that I need to discuss with eBay . Refund should have been done by 3rd but still has not been done , eBay have told me I have to wait until the 7th , hopefully I'll get it soon.

  13. I'd contact ebay & ask to speak with a supervisor... The refund should
    have been processed & insist that it be done today... you should not
    have to wait until the 7th... no harm in asking again , IMO