refund for a missing purse

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  1. I won a Chanel purse on eBay and the seller shipped via UPS w insurance (she specified USPS priority on auction but used UPS without my knowledge or consent).
    I never received the purse and UPS started the trace but more than likely it's lost somewhere.

    When should I be refuded for this?

    Should I wait till the seller gets a refund from UPS? Or as soon as UPS declare the item is lost???

    I really don't know what to expect....:crybaby:
  2. well, dont expect a refund right away. Once you file a claim with paypal (hopefully thats how you paid), paypal will have the seller file a claim with ups and once ups settles the claim and sends the seller the check, then the seller can refund you thru paypal.

    I am going thru that now and its been about a month, UPS is in the process of issuing the refund and they said it would send it to the seller within 5 to 14 business days, once that check clears, the seller will refund me thru paypal and paypal will close the claim once they see I got refunded. Luckily mine wasnt a bag.

    Did you get tracking info from the seller?
  3. Yes, I got the tracking info and on UPS web, it shows that tha package status is "exception".:confused1:

    I am soooo frustrated! :cursing: I am trying to give the seller the benefit of a doubt and not go though the Paypal route but should I file a claim with paypal?
    The seller is saying that she will refund as sonn as she "reconsiles" with UPS.
  4. I would file and explain to the seller that it is just for protection. it isn't her fault either but if she doesnt refund you, you have no way to go. this is just my idea but I would open a dispute, explain that UPS lost the package and then escalate to a claim. the only problem is that I think they will still freeze your seller's funds, so I understand why you don't want to do this.

    you could still wait if you like but i would file if there was no refund before your option to file expires (can't remember the exact time limit - but should be on paypal website). good luck getting your money back.
  5. Well since you only have 45 days to file with Paypal i'd do as Lara suggested and file with an explanation to the seller that you need to cover all your bases and by waiting you'd run out of time to file with Paypal in case she doesn't file a claim with UPS.
  6. I think I will go ahead with the paypal file.
    Thank you all for the help. :heart:
  7. If your package says "exception" that means that it will get there a week later than what the original delivery date was. I just had this problem with my computer, ups "lost" it and it had to be rerouted to the correct hub. I had to sign for it, so I had to take not only one, but two days off from work. Ugh! In your case, the purse probably got routed wrong and is in the process of going to the correct hub to go out for delivery.

    I know it is annoying and a bit of a pain in the ass, but breathe. Just call UPS on Monday, they have more of an idea if you call them than they do online where things are at.

    I really wouldn't get involved in paperwork with paypal until you call UPS- unless you have been waiting for your item for more than two weeks.

  8. How long have you been waiting for your item? I'd find out what this exception thing means first before filing a claim, are you in a different country to the seller?
    If the item hasn't arrived by 30 days since you paid, then I would file with paypal.
  9. First UPS web-site said "pick up rescheduled", then it changed to "exception" after the seller requested a trace on the package. I really don't know what's going on there.
    I talked to UPS rep and they can only tell me that it's being traced since I am not the shipper. Aghhh!
    It seems UPS rep gives me a different answer depending on who I am talking to...:confused1:
  10. YES, yes, yes! From experience do file before your 45 days are up! I don't know about UPS but USPS has a policy that if the item is simply lost then the SENDER must file for insurance monies! I had started a thread a few months back about this same type of instance and the seller could not grasp the concept that I couldn't file for insurance that SHE had to! It was a fiasco but in the end, I did get my money back from PayPal and I was GLAD I played "better safe than sorry"!
  11. Ilikemike65>
    Hi, fellow Las Vegan!;)

    Thank godness my seller had already started the process on her end. I did start the dispute with Paypal just to be on a safe side.
    The seller is sort of peeved that I filed and said "I was going to refund you sooner but now you won't get your refund back till I get my refund from UPS".:wtf:

    Oh, wel.....