Refund Expectations?

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  1. How long after you can confirm via tracking that your item has been returned to the seller do you think is a reasonable time frame for them to issue you a refund? Obviously nothing is instantaneous in this world but what do you ladies consider a reasonable time frame? 24 hours? Longer? I know as a seller I have never not refunded on the same calendar day but as a buyer it seems like getting refunds come much slower.
  2. Within 48 hrs.:smile:
    If seller makes contact and explains that they need some time, I am ok with it BUT I expect communication.
    eBay allows for three days.
  3. I can definitely agree communication is key. It drives me crazy when I opt to return via say priority mail so that the item gets returned faster to the seller only for them to sit on my money for days without so much as a simple message such as "I've rec'd you're return and you can expect your refund within xx amount of days".
  5. Sellers may have to transfer money back into their account so 4 days? I know that is a lot of time. Sellers should explain why it takes so long.

    Also sellers may have already spent the money so they might be waiting for another sale to refund.
  6. True but a quick note to let the buyer knows is so appreciated.:smile: and relieve anxiety.:smile:

  7. If that is the case, a simple note explaining the situation would be

    I would expect a refund promptly (24- 48 hrs) unless I received
    an e-mail with an explanation

    Just common courtesy...
  8. I definitely agree with this. Sellers get their item back promptly and buyers want their money back in the same fashion.
  9. If you know that your seller has received the item back, I would send the seller
    a polite note letting them know the item has been returned & received & would
    appreciate a prompt refund..

    If you have opened a claim against the seller, you can forward all the tracking
    info & your refund should be processed promptly via pp/ebay

    Also, does ebay have a policy whre the refund must be processsed within
    3 days, if so, remind your seller about the policy..