Refund and told to keep the bag?

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  1. So a first for me. I purchased a bag on ebay that was described as in "excellent" condition. Got it yesterday and upon examining it found a lot of hairline cracks in the leather near the top of the bag.
    Contact the seller, she denies that the bag has any issues and accuses me of sending pictures to her of a completely different bag!

    I initiated the return as SNAD and minutes ago got an email with a return label.
    One minute after that I got an email that said I did NOT have to return the bag and to keep it......."you don't need to return this item to the seller, you can keep this item."
    The emails were from ebay.

    Anyone else have this happen to them? I found it odd to be sent a return label and then to be told not to bother returning the item.
  2. Sounds like the seller has hit the wrong button when they have responded to the dispute you raised.

    The bag should be returned if you have been refunded.
  3. I would call Ebay and see what they want you to do.
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    Why would you even consider not sending it back?!?!?! You got the shipping label and you got a refund. THe total it would "cost" you to do the honest thing is a few minutes of your time packing and sending it off.
  5. It sounds like the seller screwed up but I certainly would not take advantage of that. They should not be out their money and the bag. Use the label and return the bag. I would never consider keeping it.
  6. ^^This.
  7. It sounds like an error that your seller might have made

    There is no reason to keep the bag once a refund has been issued.

    If you need more clarity, then just ring ebay & hear what their explanation might be..
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    I don't see the OP asking for advice. It looks like she is just describing a situation. However, after all the moral advice she has provided others in similar situations I am sure that the bag will be in the mail Monday at the latest. :angel:

    And no---it has never happened to me.
  9. I don't see anywhere in her original post where she says that she's already received the refund. I would assume the refund is still contingent upon her sending the bag back. Obviously if you want your money back the bag is going to have to go back no matter what the other email said.
  10. Thank you for your answer, I had no idea that someone could "hit the wrong button"! I was confused because I got an immediate refund which I was NOT expecting as I still have the bag.
    However the bag is obviously going back to it's original owner because now it's hers and not mine.
    It was never my intention to keep it in the first place, that's not why I asked the question. I asked because I had never had this happen to me before and didn't know it was possible. Now I know it is.
  11. Good to know you will do the ethical thing.
  12. When sellers respond to disputes, they have various options. I can't recall the exact wording but it's something like:
    1. return for refund;
    2. I will refund but don't require the item back;
    3. dispute.

    I suspect 2 happens a lot in low value cases.

    After what you said in your first post about the seller's response to your email, it sounds like they meant to dispute but hit the wrong option.
  13. The same thing happened to me! Except, I genuinely thought the seller was letting me keep the bag. (It was around $300.) It came to me very musty and yucky, and the seller knew it (as she gladly admitted it even though it wasn't listed on the auction, lol), and she was very apologetic. When I got the refund, I wrote her and thanked her. A week went by... She wrote me and asked where her bag was, and I was like "huh?!" Long story short, I returned it to her even though eBay said I did not need to. I didn't want to capitalize on someone's mistake.
  14. OP, has the seller contacted you since the refund? I would let her know that you will be shipping back the bag, just to alleviate worry. If she intends/intended to dispute it, that's no longer an option. eBay will not reopen the case, because she 'willingly' refunded you (even if it was a mistake). She has no other option than to wait for you to return the bag.
  15. Thanks, I always do, keeping it was never an option once I got my refund. I was just confused about the process since it's never happened to me before.