Refresh my memory ... when do the bags come in, in December?

  1. Okay lovely's.... here I am again plotting on how to spend my DH's money for the new season. SO please remind me what the estimated date the new bags will be in next month? I so hope I get my turquoise city for Christmas! TIA
  2. i think cracker posted that they are coming in at the end of december... can't wait to check out the turq too!!! :drool:
  3. I think they start coming in sometime in December.......the precollection colors, that is. The collection colors come in later. I can't remember which colors are collection and precollection.
  4. The turquoise is unfortunately a collection color

  5. Thanks for clearing that up!:tup:
  6. YAY! I can't wait to see the new colors. I am completely undecided about what colors I want to get and am anxiously waiting for everyone to start posting pictures of what they have gotten.
  7. I'm also looking forward to the turquoise in a First, and maybe a magenta. I'm not a pink girl, but I keep looking at that color swatch and I love that shade of pink, I can probably do it in a First too. I can't wait till these colors come out!
  8. I think bubblegum pink is a pre-collection color!!!! I'm actually hoping they don't start coming in until early January....more time to save!
  9. ^ it is, twiggers.

    not sure if this info by AR is also indicative of the arrival of bags at major stores. hths.

    Pre-collection / End of December - End of February
    >1000 NERO/BLACK
    >3373 VERT THYM/
    >9069 BIANCO/WHITE
    >9678 SAHARA/BEIGE

    Main Collection Additional Colors / Mid of February - End of April

  10. Thanks glossie!!! Do you know if AR takes names for waitlist? I want a backup in case BalNY falls through :smile:

    Gosh...I really really hope the EB and BG don't start coming in until later...LOL I need time to save!
  11. I remember them being there about 3 weeks before christmas when the giant hardwares came in, if you think about summer the new colors came in around July 7th, wayyyy before fall, so I'm sure they will be at Barneys early december.
  12. i've no idea, twiggers! my guess is they probably don't do waitlist, from the way their notification system goes? i don't have the luxury of checking out the bags irl - haha, is this an advantage or disadvantage in your context :p i'll have to wait for photos of bbags here then i'll make the decision whether to buy at all.
  13. I want to stick a fork in my eye!!!! :sad: I wanted Turqouise next month!!!! For some reason I thought that it was in the "pre-collection" ....... OH the sadness......

    That means DH has to buy the bubblegum for xmas and the turquoise for my anniversary in February.....

    I even dreampt about my turquoise baby last night.....
  14. Awww Shasta!!! I hear ya though....I have some cash set aside right now for an immediate purchase...but if bags are coming before Christmas I might need to save this stash now :sad: Man...Christmas is not the time I'm thinking of Spring or Summer LOL
  15. It does seem as if the GH comes out way before the RH too! Which is a little weird!