Reflections when cleaning out closets and drawers. . .

  1. Every so often I get the impulse to clean out closets and drawers and I feel it coming on again. I avoid it because it is depressing to think about the money spent on things I hardly wore and don't want to wear. I feel wasteful and stupid. What remains after the cleanout are mostly well worn favorites in dark colors!

    This exercise usually makes me wary about buying anything new. I look at the new spaces in my drawers and closets, and feel purged and ascetic. This lasts for a little while.

    I find that the things I bought because I either (1) needed that specific thing and searched for precisely the right item or (2) just fell so hard in love with it -- these things have survived the purge. But some of the things I bought when I went "shopping", looking for something to cheer me up --or things that were nearly but not quite perfect -- these things fall hard.

    What are your lessons learned from closet cleaning?
  2. I no longer make impulse purchases. If it the item I am looking at can't be used several times I don't purchase.
  3. Oooh, I've been closet purging too! I usually end up getting rid of things that just don't fit into my lifestyle - I need to think very hard about whether pieces will be functional or whether they just fit into a lifestyle I'd love to have (urban jetsetting shopper ;) ). I'm also realizing that it's true - if you own less your wardrobe is a lot more functional. I'm trying to pull out pieces right now and put a moratorium on shopping for a bit so I can have a really functional wardrobe.
  4. I love to clean out the closets and organize. I have no problem in getting rid of what ever I don't need/want or like. I now really think before I buy something. I do not impulse buy. I have also seen myself these past few months lean towards a kind of new look. I am buying mostly cream and white shirts to wear with jeans. No more prints and I am staying away from colors. I seem to like the look of the creams and white, you and do so much with them. I don't know, maybe my style is changing and I want to invest and keep things in the long haul. My friend and I talked of this a few times. She lost weight and had to throw out at least 90% of her clothes. So now she completely changed her style and only buys black pants, expensive jeans and white T-shirts and cool blazers. She added some nice suede blazers and now seems to have her own look. It's cute and I do kid her when she buys 8 white T-shirts in one shopping trip but she says she feels like they are her uniform. I can also relate to Mom saying buy one of something expensive/good quality versus 10 cheap things.
  5. my problem is that i hate to get rid of old stuff cuz i feel like it's been wasted... as a result i have overflowing closet and drawers :sad:.
  6. I'm a packrat. I really can't bring myself to throw anything away. I view clothes and bags/shoes, etc as "memories", lol. Each item holds a memory for me... bought on a trip, bought when happy/sad, bought with friends, bought while upset over grades, bought with job raise, etc etc etc

    Unfortunately, no one in my family or my bf understands. He likes to swoop into my room with a giant black garbage bag, and then proceed to sort thru my stuff, "throwing" things he doesn't like on me to give to charity :sad:
  7. I donate my work clothes to a local group that helps women who were in bad relationships/situations get back into the workforce. This helps me to clean out my closet and lets me feel good about it.

    I also now keep a running list of general things that I need, it can be as general as "cute top for wearing with jeans at night" to "nude/blush top for night/day," or as specific as "Grail tee-shirt with skull motif." I make the list based on what I really use often, black pants for one, what I see in the magazines that I like, and what dressing issues arise- i.e. I recently had no cute tops for waering at night only dresses.

    Then I have a luxury item list of items that are expensive and that I want to own. I buy something off the list every once in awhile, so that I don't feel guilty but I do get what I really want, i.e. Hermes twilly, new Gucci tote for work in black.

    Ok so I'm a list nut, but its relieved alot of my shopping guilt/stress.:shame: I've worked hard and I hate having a hard time enjoying spending my money.
  8. I love cleaning out my closets (yes, I said closets!! :lol:), but then I become totally disgusted with myself. I own more c*%p than most people I know. I always donate my stuff, although I did toy with consignment. I try to keep the impulse buying down, but lately I've been bad. I see another round of cleaning coming up. :sad:
  10. I generally don't keep anything clotheswise more than 6 months :shame: (except jackets, bags, and other more expensive purchases) But becuase of that, I wear cheaper clothes i.e. Polo, Banana Republic, Marc by Marc jacobs, etc.) I usually take them to a consignment store that pays me upfront.
  11. I also gave all my work clothes to a local organization that prepares women to go into the work force. And since I stopped working I have given many bags and boxes to Good Will. I have never worn prints or color. I now have only jeans, a couple pair of black and khaki bottoms, and all my sweaters are black, charcoal, brown, and tees are white, black, navy, olive, with some nice jackets. Stopped wearing fur long ago. Stopped wearing high heeled shoes. Stopped wearing skirts and dresses. But I still have stuff (albeit purchased 5 of 6 years ago) that I am weeding out. I wear pretty much the same thing all the time and have increasing airflow in my closet -- a kind of sartorial anorexia???
  12. This is really shameful, but when I clean out my closets, frequently I'll come across clothes that I had completely forgotten that I had purchased! I mean, I had wanted to purchase the clothes and thought that I had "controlled myself", but here they are! It's almost as if I'm shopping from my own closet. :lol: So my resolution is not own so many clothes that I don't even realize what I own.
  13. I am not a packrat - I hate keeping things around that I don't use - I live in small quarters and don't have room to collect stuff - My biggest reality check came when I realized I had so many clothes, I couldn' t find the shirt or sweater I was looking for although I knew it was in my closet somewhere - I am commited to buying no more clothes until I can instantly find what I've got now - what is worse is finding something in my closet I actually forgot I had and wondering what the hell I was thinking when I bought it!!!!! Awful!
  14. depending on the clothes, I give them away to some of my cousins who are around the same height and size as I am.. but yes, I do feel bad about the horrible spending I have done, especially if I never ever used the clothing...
  15. I enjoy cleaning out my closet and drawers, I don't do it very often though. :shame:

    However when I do end up cleaning out my closet I notice that the clothes I "throw out" (give to my sister or pack into a box for my mom to give to people) are, in a way, themed. I go through certain fashion phases and when I'm about to enter a new one is when I would clean out my closet.

    I only really started to buy impulsively recently (like within the past year) and since I haven't cleaned out my closet yet, I don't feel so bad. We'll see what happens soon!