reflections on a mote of dust

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  1. if i understand cagan correctly, and i do, i'm very very small. so here is a post about a small person thinking about small things...
    oh wait, this is tPf, where the color of a purse is a BIG thing. LOL

    here's what i've been thinking about - i'm interested in how colors age. not the leather. i'm thinking about how certain colors look on older bags (not old styles, just used and loved bags). now some people have plans to stave off aging (with spa treatments, infrequent exposure to the elements, etc.), and some people replace what is old with something new. but some people, myself included, carry a bag and wear it day in and day out, a signature bag (as i like to think of it:heart:). and since we're talking hermes, these bags can literally last you your whole life (in terms of hardware being fixed, leather being refurbished, etc.).
    i am careful with and considerate of my bags in as much as i am of myself and all of my possessions, but as a fortune cookie recently told me "aging is the future."
    so anticipating wear, far far far far far far far far down the road, what color will carry scuffed corners with the most grace and dignity?

    what other colors besides black and rouge h (my top picks for this issue) qualify as colors that will age well (meaning how they will look with age, not whether they can defy aging - i'm not interested in that)?
    also, what considerations do you have when thinking about a future purse's color?
  2. I dont' know how the colors age. but I can see gold/brown tone last forever.:idea:
  3. Great thread!I have always wanted to know how color especially ostrich skins,seem to change with use.from the lighter brown shades.It seems to me that they all look very similar after awhile,Of course this comes from only seeing them in pictures,I have yet been able to see or touch these beauties IRL:graucho:
  4. I haven't had my H bags for long enough or used them enough to see them actually age, but I would think that grey (anthracite?) would do well even with scuffed corners, as might etoupe.
  5. I've been told that ostrich fades. Should look very nice as the ones I've seen in color are always very vivid and bright. They'd look nice lighter also.
  6. I just love black in new bags and also the old bags. I liken an old black bag that may be scuffed to a very chic lady that has that platinum grey hair. You know the type, there's practically a halo around her. Her skin has lines but her smile is luminous. Her eyes are full of mischief and knowledge that I can only imagine.... Anyway considering how I feel when I see one of these beauties (they are almost always black box leather) I guess I am a contradiction since I am super anal about my bags and making sure they never even come within 6 inches of any walls or items!

    I've yet to really see any true vintage bags that are not box leather.
  7. ^I want to be a beautiful vintage kelly when i grow up. :jammin:
  8. your woman sounds great. i agree with fesdu... though i'd rather be the woman carrying that bag! lol

    i would think a bag in a happy color would look somewhat forelorn too aged and "loved" up. you see old book bags or briefcases from way way back and the beat up brown leather looks so romantic and rich and you imagine a life well-lived, etc. they truly look loved instead of dirty.
  9. Good question!

    Wouldn't a spa treatment help with faded color? I am just wondering this since they have been able to help of tPFers with scuffs and such.
  10. All the vintage bags that I've seen that were still looking particularly good, were darker colors: I really have no idea how the "newer" bright colors will age; I would think, not as well, but that's just my idea.....
  11. My SA and I had a conversation about this very thing! We both agreed that BROWN looks cool, hip and worn when it scuffs - like's it's supposed to be that way.
  12. oregonfanlisa i don't think a spa treatment would help with true color fading, like sun damage, etc.
    but i'm really specifically thinking about colors that age and look good/fine that way.

    greentea sounds like your SA is cool! i like that he/she understood what you were talking about. plenty of people would say, "what the H are you talking about, a scuffed hermes bag!? are you out of your mind?!" lol
    so if brown is on the list, is it all browns, or just some?
  13. ^ I think browns like ebene, Chocolate, marron fonce, maybe even gold.

    Yes, My SA is very cool! And honest.
  14. i was going to say gold as well.....i think it's light enough that the scuffs wouldn't really show up/be noticeable. and i love what GT said about brown looking 'hip' when scuffed....i love to think that i'll be hip later in life :roflmfao:
  15. Gold and natural