1. I have a navy camera bag that has faded and it needs refinishing. When I bought it 15 years ago the sales person at Chanel told me that they would repair and refinish genuine bags but I have since then heard that they charge a fortune for this service. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Do you think that a reputible shoe repair shop can do the job just as well?
  2. they charge for the cleaning service? i thought it was free?
  3. Do you have to have proof of purchase from Chanel, or just an authentic bag? I have an older one I would love to have touched up as well, but no receipt.
  4. I have a little evening bag that has been regilded and cleaned for free twice (I sent it in just for reguilding but they cleaned it too and made the worn corners look new again). But I took it to the store where I bought it, and they kind of admitted there's a problem with the C's that they keep tarnishing. Oh, it went to Paris and took forever, too. Alos, the snap on my wallet broke and they repaired and cleaned that to brand new for free, too.
  5. There have been been a couple of threads about this lately; it seems the consensus is that Saks or Neiman Marcus will only accept a bag for cleaning/reconditioning if you have a receipt, but that a Chanel boutique will take any authentic bag, even without a receipt, so long as it's authentic. Rocherchic reported she had Chanel recondition a caviar bag whose corners had become scuffed & was charged $125; it came back looking like new.
  6. I asked a boutique about having a bag re-dyed and they didn't recommend it. They said the lambskin would be stiffer when it was done. I decided I could live with a vintage tote that faded from black to bluish because I really like how nice and soft the bag is.
  7. i'm confused.. so the cleaning service is free, unless you dont have a reciept and then you would be charged??
  8. Wonder if the cleaning service is applicable to the London boutiques.. :confused1:
  9. I bought my Bag at the Chanel store in Chicago, so I am sure it is genuine but I do not have any documentation. We have a Chanel botique here in Dallas so I will take it there to see what they can do. I think $125 is reasonable. What I had heard before is that they would charge $600.
  10. I think for the bags that are a year old or less... the repairs are free....for anything older than that they charge a varying fee
  11. I took my vintage camera bag to the 57th st. boutique, they gave me a new chain, polished the tassle holder and also the "cording" as she called it around the bag. Also a polish/cleaning. It was gone about
    4-6 weeks and cost me around $250 I think = but it came back beautiful! I did not have to show a reciept.
  12. They have a sliding scale of charges depending on how much work you need or wish to have done... e.g., a woman at my church had Chanel replace the entire lining of her 25-year-old caviar Jumbo Classic; I don't know what she paid to have that done; she simply volunteered the fact that it was less expensive than buying a new one & she was very pleased it could be refurbished because the bag had been a present from her husband on their honeymoon. (he died on 9/11 so you can imagine how sentimental she is about it)