Refinished Varinas from Nordstrom Rack


Jun 10, 2015
Hey all!

I've been eyeing the Varina for a while now and was pleasantly surprised to find a pair at Nordstrom Rack. A pair in Anemone in my size for $169, yay! They are refinished, hence the over 80% of savings, but look to be in great shape. The inside shows little signs of wear but the bottom seems to be painted over.

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with refinished shoes from NR?
How worn do these look to you?
Will the refinished bottom affect the wearability?
I'm also wondering if I should take them to the cobbler to have a sole attached, or just wear out the leather first then have a sole put on.
Has anyone who has owned Varinas had experience in breaking them in? They feel uncomfortable at the moment.

I know I have a lot of questions, but this is all just new territory to me:shrugs:
Any opinions, suggestions, or thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!



BV ~ Ferragamo ~ TODs
Aug 17, 2007
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SheerElegance - Welcome to Ferragamo and to the Purse Forum!

The Varinas look like they are in pretty decent shape. I always get a rubber sole put on the bottom of my good leather soled shoes right from the start.

I have had good luck with refurbished shoes from the Rack, and have picked up some Choos and Tods.


Nov 27, 2013
Very pretty colour. Congrats. There are a few threads on how people break in their new shoes if they are tight. The thick sock method or else getting the boutique to extend them for you.


Nicole Angela
Aug 26, 2009
I bought a pair of refinished Varinas a while back from Nordstrom Rack. It does not affect the wear of the shoe. However, I think mine were defective and had to sell them because they weren't my first pair, the other two were bought from the Ferragamo boutique and fit perfectly in a size 36. The ones from NR were too small. I sold them, but if yours fit and there is nothing wrong except the soles. I say keep and enjoy.