Refined Collection

  1. My Now REFINED Collection!

    Hi All,

    I know have not been here for a while. Sorry!

    Have moved slightly towards the Orange Side. But still will be visiting from time to time.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my now refined collection (which includes the Chanels I decided to keep forever).

    Recently sold about 45 pieces which included mainly of Fendi, Gucci, Chanel and Balenciaga and only kept the very few shown below.

    Making room for more ORANGE Boxes (well five more), not to be greedy. Hopefully in the not too distant future.




  2. wow, great collection. And I love your closet showcase!
  3. :drool::drool::drool: that closet is amazing!
  4. Great Collection, so neat and organized!!
  5. Very nice collection!!!
  6. I love the variety in your collection!:tup:
  7. I love closets...and yours is very nice. Enjoy your refined collection. Thanks for letting us peak in.:p
  8. oh wow, beautiful collection, and so tidy too! :biggrin:

    You REALLY ought to consider watermarking those though, those will be swiped for sure!
  9. Great collection & your closet is divine!! You kept very classic & gorgeous Chanels. Love your H bags & LV luggage too.
  10. OMG your closet is amazing I am so jealous!!! A purse lovers dream closet!
  11. your closet!! Everything is sooo organized!!!
  12. Your closet is amazing and your collection is beautiful! Very nice!
  13. Love it!! Very tidy!
  14. I love how classic everything is!
  15. Whoaaaa, I want your walking closet lol.