Refills to fit?

  1. I tried searching the FAQ section for refills but i couldn't quite find what i was looking for, i want to buy this pre loved agenda but i don't want to get it before i know what refills i can put it in, does anyone know or have links they can share?
  2. Looks like the small size (not mini) agenda, yes? If so, the small LV refills will fit as will Kate Spade 6 ring refills, filofax 6 ring refills, and various cute Japan refills (Hello Kitty etc on eBay).
  3. this is what it is listed as Louis Vuitton Murakami Multicolor White Agenda PM
  4. Yep, thats the small size (5.7" by 3.9") so what I said above will work.
  5. Filofax and Hello Kitty also have refills that will fit...
  6. OP - I looks like you have the small agenda. I bought my inserts from Filofax.
  7. What size did you buy? I am thinking about purchasing the small agenda but I want to buy the pouches with the zippers. Is the correct size that will fit the pocket or personal size? My best guess is pocket but I want to make sure. Thanks :biggrin:
  8. Filofax pocket size it the small agenda. I just ordered some zip pockets and I'm not sure f I am going to use them - - the zipper itself is kind of bulky. I also got the credit card holder and the full size pocket and I love both of these.

    Have fun!!! I'm still searching for just the right pen!:thinking::thinking:
  9. Do you guys know for sure if the Kate spade pocket size would fit the a lv small ring agenda? I am still so doubtful, but I am so in love with ks's refills
  10. I have a kate spade pocket size agenda and my lv small agenda refills fit in it. I use my kate spade to hold the used refiils so that my small agenda doesnt get too bulky.
  11. Kate spade sells 2 sizes in the fill I purchased both the smaller size fits in my pm LV agenda and the larger size fits in the mm LV agenda... HTH

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  12. I too am wanting to buy the LV small agenda, I also have a Kate Spade small one and was wondering if the "tabs" will fit as well into the LV agenda? I love the KS refill, but am hoping if I get the LV agenda that the tabs will also fit. Does anyone know.