Refills for Planner

  1. Hi,

    I would like to know if I purchase the refills for the spiral planner from, does it come with the spiral binder. I mean the spiral thing that holds the papers together? I have emailed twice and they kept replying "yes, you can order it online. Yes, you can order the spiral refill online." I want to know if the refill comes with the spiral BINDER. Did I word my question wronly? :confused1:

    Thanks ladies!
  2. your wording is kind of hard to understand, are you talking about the spiral coils? the refills come like little notebooks, they are not separate pages. they're just coiled books that you slip into the jacket. hope that helped!
  3. thanks Jennn! Yes, that is what I meant :flowers:
  4. no prob! i actually just got the sketchpad refills for my 6x8 spiral, since i don't use a paper planner. really wish coach had some current 6x8 3-ring styles, though!
  5. I got those at my coach store, I didnt' even know they carried them, they had them behind the counter.
  6. Of course, after I bought refills about 2 months ago, I NOW see a sketchbook available. GRRR....
  7. Are there any pictures to see what the actual pages look like? I am currently using a Franklin Covey planner but its very big and bulky and I am thinking that I might like to switch to something more compact and, well, - COACH. :smile: