Referring to the "I Have a Chance to Work At Louis Vuitton"

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  1. Mods if you want you can move this to the General Discussion if you have to. I just wanted to clear some things about yesterday, I know my thread was closed but, what some people said to me yesterday on the thread really upset me:crybaby:, I always love to joke i joke when i post things also like the one that i speak 60 languages, and as you can see some of the threads i started in the past was mostly jokes... for example "I Am Going To Throw Out My Lv Mirror Bag In The Garbage" and "Omg! They Have Louis Vuitton At Wal-mart" But yesterday i was being serious about my job offer. I don't know why most of you ladies stared interrogating me and seeing every single post i have posted. I was not joking about the job offer, Alot of people jumped into conclusions about me.. I did not appreciate this reply
    Just because i work or have worked at retail does not mean i cant carry any type of high end bag like hermes, that is very rude of you to say, because i grew up independent, and just because my dad is wealthy does not mean i am going to sit on my ass all day home and not work.. I decided to work.. and now hopefully i can advance my self working in LV. And for your info You can get a job at LV if you are 18.. I even asked my co worker who''s best friend works as a manger at LV. As for the other wonderful ladies, you have helped me so much with all of your opinions.Thank you:smile: Maybe in the future if i am going to joke about something i should say JK... LOL
  2. All I can say is I wish you the very best of luck and hope you totally love your job at LV if you take it.
  3. Thanks sweetheart:smile:..
  4. i think the lv subforum tends to be more protective and careful, so people are generally more suspicious.

    i'm thinking starting another thread when your earlier one was closed is not a very good move, it will only create more drama. however, that's for the mods to decide.

    like the above poster, good luck with all your endeavours.
  5. Sorry .. i don't want to start drama, i just wanted to tell everyone my explanation..
  6. Don't listen to what everyone says, just prove them wrong by getting a job.
  7. Syrian princess- i hope you the best in your job. :winkiss:

    Dont mind what people say, i dont think they know they are offending you.
  8. Tina, Please smile. Don't be distraught over any posts. I have learned that many tPFers are VERY serious when they post here and somehow they manage to take "shallowing obsessing" to a new level. Enjoy your day, make it great and start by smiling!
  9. Thank you so much for being so nice.. people like you makes me want to stay on the purseforum..:smile:
  10. AWWWW thanks so much.. you made me feel so much better....:love::smile::smile:
  11. Tina, congrats in the offer! Smile!
  12. I do honestly wish you the very best, and sincerely hope that you are able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

    I think if you are going to be working at Louis Vuitton, you may want to be more low-key about your future posts. I am sure there are people that work at Louis Vuitton reading these posts. When it comes to your job, discretion is always a good thing.

    Good luck!
  13. If the job is what you want, I wish you the best with it! Good Luck with everything!!!:yes:
  14. Omg you are right, if i get the job hopefully.. I should just keep it ZIPPED:yahoo:.. lol. i understand why.. discretion is very important..
  15. wow I ALWAYS miss the drama
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