Referral for Purse Cleaner?

  1. TGIF, everyone! I'm looking for recommendations for a professional purse cleaner (preferably in Philly) who can tackle the job of getting rid of a huge red stain on the vanilla suede lining of my Marc Jacobs large satchel. I am planning on selling it on Ann's Fabulous Finds, but I have to clean it prior to listing. I would also appreciate feedback if anyone has some on Margaret's Cleaners, who I researched on the web and even though they're on the West Coast it might be worth it to send it to them -- they claim to be experts at removing stains.

    Thanks and have a terrific weekend :smile:
  2. Yikes, that sounds bad! Have you tried cleaning it yourself with a suede cleaner, or eraser? I've heard of more drastic methods of cleaning that have worked too... but on the East coast, Artbag in NYC has an excellent reputation. Moda-Express in Jersey is the official handbag repair/cleaner for MJ, you can contact them directly or via the website.