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  1. Are there any websites that show the material selections of a particular model throughout the years. Example: a Keepall Bandouliere 60 is only available in mono, but many years ago it was available in epi leather.
  2. Not that I know, but that information is available here on tpf!
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  3. Anywhere particular, or just by searching?
  4. It's a little bit everywhere, but I would say that the Clubhouses are the best places to gather info and ask questions for specific models.
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  5. Thank you, was not aware of the wealth of information at the Clubhouse. Quick question, as a posted about it in the authentication thread. Are you aware of any fake Prism Keepalls on the market yet?
  6. I know you aren't addressing me, but any LV that's popular has fakes of it out there.
  7. I got it, I would appreciate your opinion on the authentication forum about the duffle that I bought. I know I'm not suppose to ask, but I haven't gotten any traction :/
  8. Non-designated members can't give authenticating advice on the forum. You have to follow the rules of the Authenticate thread or use a third party paid service. For large purchases, I suggest that you really make sure that you're buying an authentic product using these services as best suit you.
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  9. You didn’t receive a reply in the authentication thread since you didn’t meet the requirements. If you knew that, why ask again knowing you aren’t supposed to ask?
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  10. I thought I met the requirements....
  11. I thought you didn’t have a link but you do. I would wait until she checks it in the authentication thread instead of asking elsewhere where it’s not allowed.
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  12. Honestly, if you want to hang out here, it's very simple to follow the very few rules. Yes, only designated authenticators on the right thread can help you out, aside from paid services.
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  13. I got it, thanks.
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