Reference On Legacy Stripe Tote ;)

  1. hey pple its my 1st time posting at coach, I like alot several coach bags.. but once I went to the coach store around and I really fell in love with the legacy stripe tote all those colors gets me all excited on buyin one... I wanna know If any of you have it : is it hard 2 take care for? is it to delicate? I just wanna know if its a durable kinda bag.. and if you got any suggestions id really appreciate ... :flowers: have a nice day ppl!
  2. it is notttttttttttttttttttttttt durable its silk so it snags, plus cleaning it is a little hard if u want it to look good as new. i ve seen some beat up ones!
  3. Its definitely not what I would call durable...but I love mine. You just have to be careful with it.
  4. I love mine as well.....but as shelbell said, you have to be careful with it.
  5. thnks ladies.. I notice though it wsnt durable lol but u know juz askin.. but i do really like it so i might consider it .. thnks alot ima make sure i take care of it.. i juz wanted to tcheck how well was it managing 4 u.. thnks a lot!! :flowers::flowers: