Reference: Members' Hermes Items- PICS ONLY NO CHATTER!!!!!!!!!

  1. Please feel free to post any pictures of your Hermes items in this thread.

    Include in a bullet fashion information about your items-like name of piece, size, leather type, color, cost, where purchased, when purhcased, your SA (if you want to share)---really any info in a neat fashion to help others.

    This will be a nice reference for everyone and we won't have to search all over the Hermes forum.


    I had hoped this will help people see who owns different things and then you can pm one another.

    I find myself look back into old threads and thought this would be a great idea.
  2. 32cm Rouge Hermes Kelly
  3. Kelly 35 Epsom Raisin with Cyclamen trim
    Birkin 35 Togo Indigo with Blue Jean trim

    hermes1.jpg hermes2.jpg hermes3.jpg
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  4. Hermes birkin 30 cm "blue thalassa" box calf, white stitching, palladium h/w
    Price: N/A
    Availability: Last time I heard the color has been discontinued.
    Pros and cons of box calf:
    *Prone to scratch
    *Can be refurbish/repolish by Hermes
    *Will develop a beautiful patina
    CIMG0833.JPG CIMG0834.JPG
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  5. Hermes kelly 32 cm "fuchsia" chevre de coromandel, rigide, palladium h/w
    Price in British Pounds (incl. VAT) = 3480 GBP
    Availability: color is still in production, so does chevre de coromandel
    Pros and cons of chevre de coromandel:
    *Virtually worry/scratch free (the leather can still get scratch, but not as prone to it as box calf)
  6. * Hermès Kelly 32 cm, fuchsia, chevre de coromandel, rigide, palladium h/w
    * Fuchsia surprisingly matches with a lot of different colors


    (Size reference: I'm only 4'10" or about 150cm)
  7. * Hermès Paris-Bombay PM, black, epsom, palladium h/w
    * Very practical yet elegant bag


    (Size reference: I'm only 4'10" or about 150cm)
  8. * Hermès Bolide 27cm, royal blue, ostrich, palladium h/w
    * All around bag that can go from day to evening. The shoulder strap is also a plus!

    (Size reference: I'm only 4'10" or about 150cm)
    Ostrich_Bolide_LaVan2.jpg Ostrich_Bolide_LaVan3.jpg Ostrich_Bolide_LaVan1.jpg
  9. Paris Bombay Orange PM
    size reference: I am 5'4 (163cm)


  10. Here's my list and a few photos

    Kelly 32 natural courcheval/ gold
    Birkin 35 chocolate Togo/ Palladium
    JPG High waist black wool trousers
    About 20 scarves, one shawl
    Gold scarf ring
    2 leather choker necklaces, one silver, one gold
    Sterling Silver Chaine d'Ancre Necklace
    Silver & Pink Enamel button earrings
    Silver Cape Cod with blue band
    3CFE60B1-B67C-59A1-73B11F220C600917.jpg 3D00147A-9598-A842-4634E4AAB62B4AA8.jpg 3D00FD0D-C6BB-5AA3-0791811DA41CEF33.jpg 3D02FC29-DDF6-575C-D7641E60A21DA85F.jpg
  11. Here are my bags and bigger accessories:
    Toile and ebene evercalf birkin 35cm with palladium hardware
    Toile and barenia plume 32cm palladium hw
    Togo blue jean trim palladium hw
    Black evercalf kelly clutch palladium hw
    Gold alligator bifold bearn with gold hardware
    Black chevre globetrotter zip agenda
    Vermillion clemence dogon key wallet
    toilebirkin.jpg plumetoile.jpg trim.jpg kellyclutch.jpg bearn1.jpg globetrotter.jpg dogon1.jpg
  12. Here are a few that I no longer own for reference:
    Chocolate courcheval 35cm birkin with gold hardware
    Rouge vif clemence 40cm birkin with palladium hw
    Black box kelly 32cm gold hw
    chocbirkin.jpg rougevif.jpg birkinskelly.jpg
  13. 27 cm saffron ostrich Bolide w/ gold hardware and pocket scarf

    frambois agenda

    I have a potiron Dogon wallet too, but I can't find the picture.

    Hope to add more in the future! :graucho:
    bag and tied scarf.jpg closed agenda.jpg
  14. * Garden Party canvas and dark brown leather, 35cm
    * Bordeaux Bolduc Twilly

    Garden_Party_LaVan3.jpg Garden_Party_LaVan2.jpg Garden_Party_LaVan1.jpg
  15. * Kelly necklace, sterling silver
    * Farandole bracelet, sterling silver
    * Hapi Justine MM bracelet, potiron, chamonix
    * Horn and lacquer necklace
    * Horn Ano bracelet
    * Red shawl, mousseline silk (don't know name)
    * Orange Tohu Bohu scarf
    * White Literatur pochette scarf
    * Scarf ring

    Kelly_necklace_LaVan1.jpg hermes_bracelet_LaVan1.jpg horn_necklace_LaVan1.jpg horn_necklace_LaVan2.jpg horn_bracelet_LaVan1.jpg shawl_LaVan2.jpg orange_scarf.jpg white_scarf.jpg scarf_ring.jpg