Reference library

  1. I was thinking it would be nice if in the reference area..people could post the prices of the items (and the year purchased..just to see the fluctuation in prices) along with the would make it kind of like a catalog for those of us who can't go to the stores. or do you all think that's too much info..
    It was just a people could get a better idea of what they want and plan accordingly..sorry if I've offended anyone:sweatdrop:
  2. What a great idea! It would also be nice to see any historical prices from previous years! I hope this idea takes off!
  3. here is alot of this in the hermes shopping thread....a ton of amazing pics our dear members w orked hard on.
  4. I think the pics that people post are awesome...I just would like to know prices too.
  5. Ok...I will do a price thread for you!

    Listen, there was an old thread with prices, but what I will do is create a new one up in our reference thread area. Please use this one and this one alone! Please keep it free of chatter!!!
  6. Thanks bunches..Kellybag:heart::heart::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. great idea. I like to compare prices here with US and European prices.
  8. It is in the process of being created and placed in the reference area. You will have want you want soon.