reference library questions - want your input!

  1. if I started some color threads would you guys add to them?
    for example:
    "post your Chanel Metallics here"
    "Post your red Chanel's here"
    "Post your pink Chanel's here"

    would ya? Huh? Would ya? :smile:
  2. Yes, that would be great!:tup:
  3. I don't have much color so far in my collection Amanda, I just love black!

    But I would certainly put my red bag and my snowy white Jumbo in one of your colorful threads :biggrin:

    Oh and I'm awaiting the arrival of a patent bag, so maybe it's an idea to have a thread for patent bags or am I getting too excited here? :roflmfao:
  4. Oh I really like the idea of colors and patent!
  5. sounds great!:tup: and yes, i think i could post them for you.:p thanks!:flowers:
  6. :yahoo:
    I LOVE y'all!
  7. I don't have much to add except for the "black club" but I would love to check out everyones blues, pinks, and purples!
  8. Would it be strictly photos only? :smile: Just wondering because I like looking at photos only.. lol
  9. i don't have any color bags to add but i think it'll be a great thread to drool over......
  10. yeah, I'm a little OCD about the reference library being photos only:yes::lol:
    All done, get in there and help me fill them!

    Larkie, you stil here? We need your exotics girl!
  11. Sorry ladies, a little off-topic here: But I vote for a thread dedicated especially for Reissues! (Instead of it being mixed in with the Classic Flaps). Just a thought...
  12. ^ I was thinking the same!
  13. me too!
  14. great idea swanky! could you do a separate reissue thread too?
  15. ^I like that idea too.

    Also, this is a bit of a stretch, but it would be nice if the Accessories thread was also separated into different categories.

    i.e. "Post your Chanel Jewelry", "Post Your Chanel Sunnies/Eyeglasses", "Post your Chanel Wallets", etc etc. It's all kind of just thrown into the accessories thread.

    I know this would take a lot of work from the mods to separate everything though so I doubt it would happen...