Reference: Hermes Informative Catalog

  1. This is the sign for lizard. There's an "_" after the name Hermes.

  2. do we have this one yet with denim?
  3. [​IMG]
    matte havanne croc

    violet croc

    braise croc

    anthracite croc

    (photo: eBay - doylenewyork)
  4. please note:
    those are the description from doyle's eBay listing.

    i believe anthracite MIGHT have a very slight brownish tones, but not THAT brown.

    our experts can explain further.
  5. [​IMG]

    bleu roi croc


    cyclamen ostrich


    chartreuse ostrich


    vert anis lizard

    (photo: eBay - doylenewyork)
  6. [​IMG]

    yellow grain lisse

    photo: ebay - doylenewyork
  7. [​IMG]
    what color is this?
    Looks like etaupe

    what color is this?

    stingray ? birkin
    Have never seen a bag like this looks slightly similar to "dalmation" - but I think it's different...whatever it is - not one of my faves!
  8. I lvoe this style. Seems like it was be much easier to find things in then the taller Birkin bag. I love the gold accents too :smile:

    Can someone give me an idea on what the retail cost of this bag would be.

    thank you,
  9. Bag fetish it is called the JPG. You should spend some time looking in the sticky threads. There are many bags posted in different combos there. I can't remember the thread, but we have one here with all the recent prices posted for this bag and others. (Could it be Birkin look out club???) If you can't find then start a new thread asking for the price. You will get prompt responses. Sorry, I am not the expert on this style and its price.
  10. I noticed this aswell, I don't think this is anthracite; anthracite is a very dark grey almost black, it has no brown in it.
  11. Don't quote me, but I have heard it is in the $6,000 range. Depends on the leather
  12. Birkin Sizes
    Birkin 25cm - W25cm x H20cm x D13cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 30cm - W30cm x H22cm x D16cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 35cm - W35cm x H25cm x D18cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 40cm - W40cm x H30cm x D20cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 45cm - W45cm x H30cm x D20cm ( 2 versions, short & long handles )

    JPG Birkin - W42cm x H20cm x D21cm

    Haut a Courroies (HAC) Sizes
  13. [​IMG]

    hermes colors
    photo: thefashionspot - hermes thread
  14. [​IMG]

    hermes colors
    photo: thefashionspot - hermes thread
  15. [​IMG]
    hermes bearns
    photo: thefashionspot - hermes thread