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Mar 9, 2006
This thread will be an all inclusive Hermes Catalog thread that everyone can use for reference. Please feel free to contribute information and pictures that you believe would be of use to others on this forum and that you yourself would like to see in a catalog if Hermes offered one to consumers.

I have found that when I need information I am searching all through the Hermes postings and I also feel many people have asked the same questions over and over. This would be a great section to post pictures and state the sizes of the bags, colors, types of leathers etc.

I may piece some basic information others have posted under the "Hermes Knowledge" thread here. Feel free to do what you think if it will help anyone. I hope this will turn out to be a useful thread to everyone.
The following information is copied here from the Hermes Knowledge thread and I thank Greetea for her wealth of information that has helped many.

Here's a little Birkin 101.

Birkins come in sizes 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45cm. The 45 is a travel Birkin with slightly longer straps. There is also a similar bag called a Haut au Courries (sp?) (means High Belts in French) that is slightly taller with shorter straps. These come in sizes 27, 32 and, I believe 37. People still call this a Birkin.

For leather, there are texured and smooth varieties. The most popular leather for Birkins right now is Togo, a scratch resistant textured calf leather. You can also get smooth leathers, and goat leathers, as well as exotics. Some leathers -Togo, Clemence, Natural Barenia, Chevre - (goat,) Box (very smooth and shiny) Chamonix, are always around. Other leathers are produced for awhile, then get discontinued (Veau Graine Lisse, Courcheval for example.) These are usually the pressed leathers with a bit of texture and sheen. Some new ones that I'm not familiar with are Swift and Rodeo. I can't wait to see them.

Then, there is the hardware. You can get 24K plated gold, silver palladium, a more burnished ruthenium and one I LOVE called guilloche. This is palladium hw with a diamond cut pattern on it. Fabulous and rare!!

Then there are colors. More than you can imagine. Reds, greens, oranges, browns, yellow... the most popular Birkin colors are Gold (really a rich tan color,) black and Blue Jean (a sky blue - gorgeous.)

Kelly bags come in sizes 20 (I think, it's a mini) 25, 28, 32, and 35 cm. The most popular sizes are 28 and 32. The Kelly bag is either going to be rigide (outside stitching and more expensive) or souple (softer feel, inside stitching)
Same HW and leather options. Kelly also comes with a shoulder strap!
Here's a little bit on Hermes Reds:
Rouge Hermes - deep wine red, blue/pink undertone
Rouge Vif - bright cherry or lipstick red, raspberry pink undertone
Vermillion - bright tomato red with orange undertone
Brique - Brick Red
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Hermes Blues:
Blue Jean: bright sky blue, shade varies as to which leather it's on. Very bright and rich on Clemence, pale on Epsom leather.
Indigo: Dark Navy Blue
Ink: VERY dark blue-black
Thalassa: Mediterranean Sea Blue, same color family as Blue Jean but darker.
Blue Roi: Bright royal blue, becomes very denim-blue like on exotics
Turquoise: Bright green-blue, new color
Hermes Greens:
Vert Anis: Bright Apple green
Chartruese: Green with yellow undertone
There is also a forest green that I don't know the name of! :smile:

Hermes Oranges:
Classic orange: Classic Hermes color, bright tangerine shade of orange
Potiron: More subtle orange with brown undertone. Looks very dark and rich on Chevre leather, brighter on Togo and Clemence

Hermes Pinks and Purples:
Fuchsia: Rich, Bright pink! But not "Pepto" pink! :smile:
Cyclamen: Mixture of lavender and pink, like the flower
Violet: deep Bright purple
Raisin: Very Dark purple that really shows in bright lighting, more subtle than violet, really just like a raisin! :smile:
Yup! I know I've missed a few... please chime in, anyone, if you think of more colors. I haven't even attempted the browns yet. There are so many!

For green, there is also Jade and Olive.
to be more helpful,
let's also include most recent prices for hermes bags in any leather or skin, and in any size.

as of (date), (design/style), (size) cm, (leather/skin), costs (amount).

for example:
as of last week, birkin 35cm, crocodile, costs around US$22,000 (pre-tax)
Question: does the Hermes box have to have "Faubourg St Honore" engraved underneath the "Hermes" logo? My boxes for the GP and the Trim both have it, but another small box and the box I just got my Birkin in do not have it. This is causing a slight concern for me.