Reference Guide US/Canadian October 2005

  1. I have the entire reference guide for this year~ if someone wants to ask me I will respond with the bag in question...There are thousands... just ask away and I will respond as soon as possible... Hope this is okay:confused1:

    I do not know which ones would not be applicable to the newer price guides (meaning the ones that are discontinued) so just ask away:yes:

  2. Ghost do you mean the catalog?
  3. Yes and no~ I have the catalog and the Actual Price guide! The SA gave it to me :yes:
  4. oh, if its catalogs and price list's I have them back to 1991- If you need any info let me know okay.
  5. Oh~ You go girl! I only just started in 2005....Lucky you!:yes: therefore everybody should ask you LOL:yes:
    Did I missunderstand what a reference guide is then? Just a little confused...
  6. You and me both!! I have catalogs and price list's and the special mailings that you get when different collections come out. Im not sure what a reference guide is unless its the euro way of saying catalog?
  7. Hi Guys, does anyone know how much the actual cost of the Vernis mercer was in 1999 ?. TIA
  8. This will have to be answered by Amamxr~ mine doesn't go that far back...:crybaby:
  9. Monogram Vernis Mercer (keepall)
    M91000 Beige $7,100.00 US dollars effective 4/99 price list
    M91001 Blue Same
  10. WOW! So the blue mercer that went for $700 on ebay was a steal! :nuts: I had no clue it was that much!

    Does anyone have pricing or pics on these three vernis bags? I've never heard of them before.
    • Lafayette street--armband pouch
    • Pochette fleur--similar to pochette twin
    • Barrel fleur--similar to Keepall, but rounded
  11. Do you have any idea of the approx year of these bags? It would save time in searching through catalogs. If you don't just be patient and I will check on it for you. Ghost if you have a faster way... please do...
  12. I think they came out when vernis was first introduced, so maybe 1998 or 1999? thanks so much, you are great!
  13. Help! I was at Safeway yesterday and was in front of this lady who had the most gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag I have ever seen.

    It is about 12x8 rectangular shaped, all black leather with LV embossed leather. It looks like a Vernis style but it's not patent leather. It has a zipped top with two zippers on top (one on each side) and has the lock in front (like an Anouchka bag) and a strap.

    I searched for it on Eluxury and but I can't find it! I am willing to give up all my purse/shoe collection for this bag!

    Thanks for your help!
  14. I have searched and searched and do not find these in my catalogs. Are they a limited collection?
  15. I'm at a loss for this one, I would have to see a picture or know the name. sorry:sad:.. Anyone else know of this handbag the OP speaks of???