Reference: Guide to Hermes Scarves

  1. This is a Reference thread all about Hermes Scarves!!!

    This is the place to post pics, discuss information about cleaning, maintenance, designs, where to buy, authentic sellers, how to tie guide. It's all about scarves!:love:

    To keep this thread streamlined and easy to use, please keep chatter and comments to a minimum (ie. Oh, I love that, etc.). The less chatter, the easier it will be for you to find the information you need.

    Enjoy ladies:flowers:
  2. Does anyone know where I can find a list and/or pics of scarves released this year? (And indeed, anyone ever get a heads up on what's going to be released next?)
  3. Here's two Clerc pochettes I love. Sorry about my carpet in the background...gotta learn how to CROP!

    One is CONCERTO in Black/Grey colorway,
    One is PADDOCK in Blue colorway.
    Concerto.jpg Paddock.jpg
  4. They sent me a little book in the mail, have to find it, but I wasn't that crazy about any of them.
  5. The scarf booklets USED to be much more useful. At one time or other they told you
    - Artist name
    - number of colorways for the scarf
    - gave photos of MOST c/ws
    - showed the scarf FLAT

    Now, they omit the no. of colorways & provide photos of only a few of them. They avoid photos of FLAT scarves (they now show it on models or in a rumpled pile). It is rare to find a photos of an entire design.

    I know that they do this to avoid helping the fakers, but, it also prevents me from comparing designs & c/ws - on my own, without taking up too much SA time, & getting the SA's opinion (which I do not always find helpful).

    Also, the scarf descriptions are simply bizarre sometimes, unintelligible & loopy ! THey sound like written by Martians at times
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  6. Where to find list of scarves per year ?
    The complete list is no longer in the booklets. So, you have to ask an SA. I can help with most years .... but I have no interest in anything but the 90 cm silk carres, so, you'd be on your own for mousselines, cashmeres, pochettes, etc
  7. Thanks MT - I would really love to know what the latest ones are; I also only buy the 90cm, they are very versatile. Can you believe I live in a country that has no Hermes shop? The Hermes website itself is cute in its design, but it doesn't tell us much does it, not even the names of the scarves? I saw the noir Chevaux de Moghols (sp)on it just now and I am smitten and desperate to get one. Does anyone know if it is likely to be in many of the shops in Europe?
  8. ^ lolo, I'm not familiar with that scarf. What is its theme/design?
  9. Hello Greentea, it's on p3 of the 90cm black scarves at Black background, with cartouches of what look like arab horses and blokes in eastern clothing; accent colours are white, gold, and a dash of cerise (well, that's how it looks on my screen!). There is a distinct possibility I have spelled the name incorrectly (and of course the name is not there, on the H site, but I am pretty sure I have seen another colourway thus named) At least I was careful not to type cheveux, n'est-ce pas?!
  10. ^ ahhh! That's a beauty!
  11. Chevaux des Moghols is indeed a beauty, and I hope I have identified it correctly, Greentea. I am hoping it is fairly freely available in the H. boutiques because I simply must have it. I have to admit I have not seen it in the flesh, but judging by the pics it's really a lovely design, and just a little bit different.
  12. Yes, Chevaux des Moghols should be (relatively) plentiful at the stores & Hermes website, because it was reissued last year. So, it will probably "be around" for another 1-2 years then disappear at the boutiques. It shows Moghols Emperors ( of India ca. 1700-1800) and their entourages on a hunt, for tigers, I think.

    The "new" designs for Spring 2006 were:
    - De Passage a Paris - stamp one
    - En Desordre - reworking of Brides de Gala
    - 24 Faubourg - curlicues
    - Chemins de Garrigue - cute little flowers and animals
    - Jardins d'Andalousie - lemon trees in Spain
    - Fleurs et Plumes - feathers and flowers
    - Parures Oceanes - seashells & starfish
    - Grande Roue - ferris wheel
    - Portugeuse Equestrian School
    - Monnaies et Symboles - old Parisian coins
  13. Thank you so much marietouchet - that is excellent information, and very much appreciated. Now I am confident of getting Moghols, and I can also do a search to see what the new and re-issued designs are.
  14. LOLO....have you ever ordered directly from the site? I admit that I haven't yet but others have and seem to have great transactions. Maybe you can get Moghols directly on-line? It's a beauty, for sure!