Reference Guide for Saddle (non-Gaucho) bags?

  1. hi there! i am a total newbie to dior bags, especially the saddle bags. i blame eluxury for sending me their private sale link in an email last night. as a result, i bought this baby, and now I AM HOOKED.

    after the purchase, i spent a great deal in this dior forum last night, looking for a reference thread that includes photos of all the saddle (non-gaucho) bags that came out to date so far, what seasons they are from, original prices, etc. is there such a thread like this? if not, i MAY be tempted to start one and ask anyone to provide me photos so i can start a running list.

    also, i am wondering about the history of the saddle bag, such as the season when these bags first debuted and which designs did they come out in.

    TIA for any info provided! :flowers:
  2. nope, i don't think there is a thread like that- although there should be!

    I definitely have lots of pics to share :tup:
  3. Presentation of the new Saddle bag, designed by John Galliano for the Spring-Summer 2000 Women’s Ready-to-Wear Show on the 5th of October 1999.
  4. thanks for the info south! too bad i can't find any decent photos of the runway from this period.

    justin - i've seen you around TFS! :smile:

    so should i start some sort of reference thread with all sorts of photos? would people have interest in this photo list?