Reference: Difference between the 2.55 & the Classic Flaps & other essential info

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  1. Sorry for my ignorance, Im quite new to Chanel and was admiring the pics of the 2.55.:love: Just curious as to what is the difference between the 2.55 and the classic flap.:unsure:

    thanks everyone
  2. The classic flap bag has the interlocking CC logo at the clasp and has a leather/chain strap.

    The 2.55 reissue is the original bag made in Feb 1955, has a flatter quilting with distressed leather with a chain strap. The clasp is just rectangular, no CC.

    This is the most super duper basic hahaha.. I think I am right.... eeps. I have the classic flap in black caviar and silver hardware.. I LOVE IT TO DEATH! But all this talk about the reissue makes me wanna blow over $2000 on the reissue!
  3. I think I got it. The 2.55 Classic Flap is the original that was made in 1955 as in the ones in the thread I linked.


    Then there is a 2.55 reissue that is a newer version of the original which is the gray ones I seen several PF members got.


    Did I get it right or do I sound like idiot talking non sense?
  4. The 2.55 and classic flap are the same bag.
  5. The difference between the 2.55 and the Classic Flap is the turnlock and the leather. The classic flap has the double CC turnlock with a new, modern finish, whereas the 2.55 has the rectangular "Mademoiselle" turnlock and the worn, vintage leather. A 2.55 is a must have in every Chanel collector's closet!! It's also more expensive than the regular classic flap, in any size.
  6. I'm no expert, but I do know that the classic flap has the double c lock closure, while the re-issue has the rectangular closure (no c's). Also, the chain is different.
    That's all I know, hope it helped. Check the reference library - there are tons of examples (pics) of both there.
  7. Yes that's what I have learned. Also the dimensions of the 2.55 vs. classic are different. There is great info and pics in the ref library - that is mainly how I got up to speed . . .
  8. 2.55 is the category of bags generally that have a flap and chain strap. Coco Chanel introduced the bags in Feb 1955 so that is where that name came from.
    Both the classic flap and the re-issue (which is supposed to look like the original design) are considered 2.55 bags. However, it gets confusing because some people also refer to the reissue as the 2.55.
    I hope that helps...or did I confuse you more?
  9. Exactly, both the reissue and the classic flap are "2.55" in addition to other flap bags. It's very confusing. But we've come to just call them the "classic flap" and the "reissue" and that keeps it pretty straight for most of us.
  10. I am sorry about asking this again.
    correct me if I am wrong. Is it right for me understand that both classic and re-issue can be called as 2.55. 2.55 is a general name for the flap which have have this measurement. It can include both classic and re-issue. And the only way to tell the difference between classic and reissue is the closure and the chain?
    thank you so much!!
  11. I'm confused with all this size speak.

    is the medium now the small
    is the large now the medium?

    How many sizes are there and did they rename the size??

    is the 10' wide one the medium or the large? I am hugely confused an hope someone can help me clarify this.
  12. I am confused too, so I am no help- hopefully someone will clear this up...
  13. I always thought there were only three sizes - Small, Medium/Large and Jumbo. But like you, I'm getting confused.
  14. I no sometimes a jumbo can be 11' and there are older vintage jumbo's that are 13'...
    the 10 '' is sometimes referred to as medium..and sometimes the large....thats why I'm so very confused
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