Reference book on H scarves?

  1. Can anyone recommend any books on H scarves? Is there even one available? I have been searching on with very little success. I'm just amazed on the amount of information some tPF ladies have in terms of name, year of production and design.

  2. nafnaf, there isn't one, but you know, I have seriously been thinking someone should write one. DH said I should (LOL - I think He's imagining ways to write off my collection for taxation purposes...), but there would be a LOT of research (YEARS!) involved, and you could really only do it properly with the permission of the House. How fabulous would it be, though?
  3. GF,
    Are you seriously considering writing one? Please put my name down for 5 copies if you do! I think it would be beyond awesome!

    How does one go about learning the designs and production year if there was never a book written? Is it purely by experience?

  4. There are quite a few websites that are dedicated to documenting Hermes scarf designs. New Page 2 is one.

    Can't remember the others off the top of my head. The others probably know.
  5. naf - I have an embarassingly extensive collection of the little Hermes Scarf Booklets, and am a member of a collectors group, that's where I find a lot of my info. If I DID do one, it would have to be a gloriously large, full-colour coffee table tome with pics and info on the artists....ohh.....I might write a proposal to the Mothership......
  6. GF - you should write a book! S'Mom can write the intro!
  7. Imagine the research involved though! ARGH!
  8. but half of the project is done (you own all the scarves)! :nuts: HH can do the writing, la van can model them for you in the cities of the world....
  9. LOL.....I'm gathering info for anyone willing to take on the mammoth task...let's petition Hermes!!
  10. Let's do it...I can't get enough of all those colors! H did that handbag exhibit so why wouldn't they want something similar for their scarves? :yes:
  11. OK, I'm writing to them as we speak......or type.....
  12. Go GF! Can you imagine what a large and incredibly gorgeous tome it would be....sigh....I would buy it in a heartbeat.
  13. I'll autograph and send you a copy! LOL...I'll have to have the book launch in Paris, of course.........

    LMAO! They'd probably want a French person to write the Windows book...all in bloody French...I needed my French/English dictionary to read most of it!
  14. you go girl. you have the Purse Force with you! ;)
  15. What scarf for the cover? the first one (omnibus), or a really pretty one?