reese witherspoon's new cross body

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  1. Can't really see the bag from those pics, but my guess based on the strap is Marni or Dior.

    BTW, what's up with the circular bandaid on her face?!?
  2. looks like derek lam
  3. it kind of looks like CC Skye
  4. It looks to me like the Derek Lam Harriet that's available on Barney's website.
  5. The chain looks similar to the Derek Lam bags, but Reese's bag has gold piping and there are no gold circular rings connecting her chain to the bag.
  6. can anyone find reese's necklace too? thank you!
  7. really?? it has similar features but it doesn't look like the same bag.
  8. It seems so familiar! I just can't put my finger on the purse
  9. I believe it's a Lanvin called the small Amalia bag - Barney's has one in green and Net a Porter has the same in cream... I don't know any website that carries the black.

    very cute but a bit pricey!
  10. ^^ I don't think that's the same bag.
  11. That's not a Lanvin bag.