Reese Witherspoon's Lilac Floral Dress with Ribbons

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  1. Can anyone ID Reese's Dress?

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  2. That dress is so pretty!At first I thought it was Giambattista Valli... and then I thought Lela Rose... and then maybe D&G ... but came up short on all of those. (Clearly I'm just guessing!)

    I hope someone knows who it is!!
  3. Thanks, Devik. I'm wondering if it's from a Resort 2016 collection and that's the reason I can't find it on Shopstyle or elsewhere online. But I would still like to know the designer so I can stalk it when it does come out!
  4. Sorry I've had no luck in finding and ID (I was thinking it was her new line or Chloe), but I wanted to say she looks great lately!