Reese Witherspoon's bag - who is the designer?

  1. Hi - I love this handbag that Reese is carrying - does everyone know who the designer is or any information on it? Thanks!

  2. That is a Miu Miu bag.
  3. wow..thats a gorgeous bag. I love it.
  4. and I love the shoes too. she is stunning!
  5. I adore Reese. She's all class.
  6. And she's eating ice cream with the big sugar cone. Wadda gal.
  7. miu miu from last fall - what a great bag !
  8. I love it!
  9. Looks like TCBY frozen yogurt from the looks of the cone wrapper! LOL
  10. yeah, that is one pretty bag... like it..
  11. She's adorable.
  12. that is a CUTE bag.. and i love the CL's,... and the ice cream
  13. Yes Miu MIu - I saw one that looked very much like it on sale at Selfridges a few weeks ago, I noticed it because I loved the velvet.
  14. I adore Reese, she is such a stylish and healthy looking woman.:love:
  15. Where can I find those Louboutins? :confused1: :confused1:

    I need, I need! :Push: :Push: Gimme, gimme :drool: :drool: