Reese Witherspoon

  1. Years are flying by! Lil Ava is not so lil anymore! She looks like a young lil woman.
  2. Reese looks GORGEOUS!! Absolutely beautiful. I like her more and more everytime I see her. She is the epitome of class and natural beauty.
  3. ^^He's getting older....he's not as "plumped out" as he used to be...:p One of the many inevitabilities of aging...

    She is so radiant...I love that blue gown!
  4. Yes he lost weight. It makes him older, or his age. Draw backs of losing weight when you are over 30. Lol.

    Flat abs or young face .. You gotta pick sometimes.
  5. She looks glowing in Cannes! But, is it me or is her dress see through in these pics? :oh:
  6. cutie!!!

  7. Adorable jean jackets over casual dresses..
  8. So super cute. :blossom:
  9. Source: JustJared
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  10. She is so pretty! And she has the best handbags!
  11. ^^Cute outfit, minus the frumpy hat.
  12. :lol: I actually like the hat. I have a similar one that I wear at the beach sometimes.

    She looks beautiful! I love Reese. :love:
  13. She's so pretty and always classy, but omg if I wore the kinds of flat shoes she wears my feet and back would be killing me!
  14. Perfection like you can always expect from Reese :smile:
  15. I love Reese but this outfit was very inappropriate for a child sporting event. It's completely see through #classless outfit# Her husband should have told her.