Reese Witherspoon

  1. :girlsigh: [​IMG]
    [​IMG]she is so cute and successful woman :love:
  2. and married to a gorgeous man! with beautiful children!
  3. :yes::yes:

    I :heart: Reese, but I think I :heart: her husband more :lol::lol:
  4. Reese looks FAB in the first picture.
    She's got such style and class, also a great family.
  5. LOVE her! and LOVE her husband!!

    ahh.. can't forget studio 54..
  6. Love her....and she's got the cutest little accent.
  7. Classy lady!!
  8. yea, I love her too! She is so classy with great taste!! :smile:
    I love her family! :smile: They are all so cute!
  9. She's definitely a good role model for little girls and should be very proud of that. We need more Reese Witherspoons!
  10. I think that light blue shirt she's wearing in the first pic is from J.Crew! I have the same one in navy and yellow. I love that she mixes in normal stuff with the high end designer stuff!
  11. Classy, classy, classy!
  12. She looks great. Wonder how she lost the weight so fast.

  13. She always looks fantastic, they make a great couple. What is studio 54?
  14. She's beautiful. I love Reese!
  15. I always see photos of her while she is jogging.