Reese Witherspoon shopping at the upscale Neiman Marcus store in Beverly Hills

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  2. She looks gorgeous. I love her style, always impecable.
  3. Wondering what are in those shopping bags. :graucho:
  4. Nice and casual
  5. i totally love her...

    and I agree divingcandie...I would LOVE to see what is in those bags, something fantastic I am sure!
  6. She always looks so cute, even in a black top and jeans.
  7. Love her!
  8. Me too!

    I love Reese. She looks great as usual.
  9. I :heart: her BV!
  10. i LVOE her black swing top. all the black shirts I own all fade and don't look as rich as the one I see on her.
  11. She looks so happy!
  12. she looks fantastic - love everything about her look :tup:
  13. She's all class
  14. She's very cute!! Love the bag!
  15. love Reese, she's fab! and she looks fab too!