Reese Witherspoon Pregnant?

  1. Does anyone know if Reese is pregnant? I've seen pictures of her lately with a little bump in her belly. Anyone know? TIA:flowers:

  2. I haven't heard. I can say we're built alike, she seems like she gains weight in her tummy first like me. If she gained even 5 lbs and it naturally goes there, it can look like she's PG.
  3. Yeah, she's built like me too (goes to the gut first). However, she's been looking awfully svelte lately. So maybe she is expecting another little one.
  4. How are you feeling ?

  5. yea, I have a bigger gut and I'm not pregnant! But if she was that would be cool! :smile: I love her family! :smile:
  6. Sore! But very good thank you!:heart:
  7. Hey, she has had 2 kids...maybe she just has a little belly and she hides it well.
  8. I noticed that in another photo that was posted here recently too and wondered out loud if she was expecting. I heard her say she wants a big family so it's entirely possible.
  9. I hope she is pregnant. I love Reese and Ryan, she's such a good mommy.
  10. ahhh, if she is many congrats. But I must say I saw the piccies of her from last week carry the Fendi B bag, and she looked thinner than ever, but then again, that could be from morning sickness I guess :smile:
  11. I hope she is. I think her family is sooo cute
  12. aww! that's the UO dress i was eyeing! its so cute on her!
  13. ^^^^ I want it too, so cute for the weekend!
  14. She is one of my fav actresses! I just love her. If they had another baby, that would just make their family that much cuter!! :love:
  15. They Are Such A Beautiful Family!!!