Reese Witherspoon Opens Up on Split from Ryan Phillippe

  1. I just love Reese, always have. . . . .

    Posted by ExtraTV Staff on September 11, 2007 11:00 AM

    Reese Witherspoon is finally opening up about the end of her marriage to Ryan Phillippe.
    In the new issue of Elle magazine, Reese says, “Right around Christmastime I was sitting in a parking lot and I felt like I just couldn't get out of the car. It was like, I can't get out of the car."
    Reese and Ryan split in October 2006. They have two children together: Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4.
    Though that was her moment of desperation, Reese says she found strength by putting her painful divorce in perspective.
    "I thought, Okay, half of the parking lot has dealt with this. More than half of the parking lot has dealt with this,” she says. “Okay, let's make it a little bigger. Half of this city has dealt with this. Okay, let's make it a little bigger – half of this country, until I finally got out of the car."
    She adds, “It was this moment of self-discovery and loss of identity and who was stepping out of the car, you know? Who is that person?"
    Elle hits stands in October.
  2. She's a gorgeous and intelligent woman. Love her.
  3. She's a gorgeous, talented, intelligent and strong woman!! I wish her all the best!!
  4. Yes - I wish her all the best too :smile:
  5. she's so pretty...even stars feel vulnerable at times..but she's really strong!
  6. nice pic
  7. love love love her..

    beautiful on the inside and out...she really is an inspiration
  8. She looks so beautiful! She is very classy, and so down to earth, and beautiful. hehe!
  9. I LOVE her!
  10. another Reese fan here. I hope they both find happiness :smile:
  11. She's lovely
  12. I like her too.
  13. I hope she finds happiness.
  14. i love her too but i was so sad when they decided to split. they were my dream couple~
  15. I'm not a fan of her. I used to be, till I met her in person at a couple of society events in Nashville (my ex-boyfriend's dad was postmaster of Nashville). She was incredibly rude, refusing to speak to the hosts or anyone else, snubbing overyone, and sitting in a corner of the room with a glass of champagne in her hand all night, talking to a friend on the phone about how "bored" she was and how "lame this is." This is in-person!

    I thought maybe she was just having a bad day but my ex boyfriend, who used to see her at parties a lot when she was in school, said she's always like that. :sad: He said she was raised that way; her family is one of the richest in Nashville. *shrug* Anyway. I was sad to see her and Philippe break up. He was very nice to my ex-boyfriend, though I just saw him across the room and never actually met him.