Reese Witherspoon - Ok Weekly - November 20, 2006

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  2. It's such an unfortunate situation. I really hope everything works out for her and the children.
  3. aww sad to see this happen
  4. I bought and read that last week.
    It really didn't give her side IMO. Just seemed like an article w/ no real quotes from her.
    I love her, hope she's okay.
  5. I feel so bad for her..hope she's doing ok and hope the kids are fine.
    Such a wonderful girl :sad:
  6. I feel sad for her. And I admire that she's so forthright about everything.
  7. :crybaby: :Push: :shocked: :weird: :wacko:
  8. I feel for her... she seems genuine. But really, what do I know

    I wish the best for the entire family :love:
  9. I feel so bad for her. She seems like such a good person. It's really sad.