Reese Witherspoon Long Cardigan Sweater

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  1. Please help me find the brands or these 2 cardigans. TIA!!!
    reese-witherspoon-bel-air-house-07.jpg reese-witherspoon-purple-dress-05.jpg
  2. Anyone know who makes the brown flats she's wearing in the first pic?
  3. Looks like jcrew Cece flats
  4. Wow, you're good! I love the flats most famous women wear. I'm a huge fan of flats b/c I wear heels to work. Reese has great taste, IMO. Kinda conservative but you can always dress up or bling out the classic stuff. Another favorite celeb with great taste in flats is Alessandra D'Ambrosio. Check out her thread for what I mean.