Reese Witherspoon is an Avon Woman

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  1. Reese Witherspoon has been named the first-ever Avon Global Ambassador at a press conference held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Wednesday.
    In this newly-established role, Reese, 31, will serve as the Honorary Chairman of the Avon Foundation, focusing on breast cancer, domestic violence and emergency relief initiatives, and she will be the spokeswoman for Avon’s beauty brands.
    Reese, who was dressed in a cream Nina Ricci cotton pencil skirt and snakeskin Manolo Blahniks, will serve in this capacity per her multi-year multi-million-dollar agreement.
    The Legally Blonde actress said, “Avon is more than an iconic world class beauty leader. It is a company that is known the world over as a crusader for women’s causes. [I’m] proud to be joining the great philanthropic work [that Avon has established]. I feel a great responsibility in my own life to give back to society. [Avon] has been able to effect real change in the communities in which it does business, and by how committed the company is to providing economic and personal fulfillment to women all over the world.”
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  2. She loosk gorgeous. Love her dress and her shoes!
    reese-witherspoon-avon-02.jpg reese-witherspoon-avon-05.jpg reese-witherspoon-avon-08.jpg reese-witherspoon-avon-10.jpg reese-witherspoon-avon-11.jpg
  3. She looks pretty and I love her outfit!
  4. She looks lovely!
  5. i love her, thank you for posting! :biggrin:
  6. I :heart: Reese!! Loving the outfit!
  7. She looks very cute!Love her!
  8. My favorite actress of all time...she looks great as usual!
  9. Love her!
  10. awesome, she is so cute.
  11. I :heart: Reese!! Go her!
  12. Reese is such an inspiration to me.
  13. Wow! she's just so naturally stunning.
  14. Stunning woman!
  15. Nice dress!She is so pretty!