Reese Witherspoon & Christina Ricci @ Penelope Premiere

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  3. Both looking really cute!!
  4. They look great!
  5. Reese looks fantastic
  6. They both look really beautiful!!
  7. love them both!!!!!!!!
  8. Reese rocks--she is my favorite celeb!
  9. CHristina Ricci is a good actress, but i'm sorry ladies, Reese is nothing special to me. The only good performance she has was in Walk the Line, and i think she didn't deserve the oscar.
  10. Reese looks amazing! So nice to see someone in the spotlight who leads a normal life!
  11. Love Reese!! So talented and so classy!!
  12. I can't wait for this movie.

    Christina Ricci's character was born with a pig's snout, which means Christina had to wear a synthetic one during filming. She was once quoted as saying she didn't like it, but she didn't let herself complain about it until towards the end of shooting.

    The things she does for her craft . . . . in Black Snake Moan her character was chained to a radiator. Christina wore an actual 40 pound chain during the filming!
  13. They both look so gorgeous, but I still prefer Christina with dark hair.
  14. This is the first I've seen Christina Ricci with light hair, and I actually really like it. Different, but it still suits her :smile:
  15. So cute!