Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe attend Ava's school play

  1. Good for them. That shows a lot of class. I'm hoping that they will somehow work in the end but if they don't they weren't meant to be together forever. It's a shame, they were my favourite hollywood couple. However way to put the kids first!
  2. He doesn't look happy..

    what a cute daugther they have
  3. Awww.... she's so cute. :biggrin:
  4. i used to love them as a couple.. they were the best!
    I still love her to death, she's definantely my fav celeb by far
  5. They were such a gorgeous couple :crybaby:
    The kids are really cute.

  6. I think that's just how he is. He NEVER looks happy in the paparazzi pics. Even at events he doesn't always look happy.
  7. Adorable sad they aren't a couple :'( anymore...
  8. ava looks so adorable here.. :girlsigh:
  9. both kids are so cute! they were also my favorite hollywood couple.
  10. Cute Kids ..i Wish They Would Work It Out ....such A Cute Couple
  11. oh God... i wish they'll be back together. ryan is such a pretty pretty guy :love:
  12. Good for them, I so wish they could work it out.
  13. Aw..I wish they'd be able to work it out also..they were one of the few couples I thought would last.

  14. :yes: :yes: