Reese sues magz!!!

  1. She sued Star magazine on Wednesday, charging that the U.S.-based tabloid fabricated a story that she was pregnant with her 3rd child. She sued the magazine's parent company, American Media Inc., in LA Superior Court for invasion of privacy over the cover story (appears in issues dated June 26, already in some stores). The article suggested that Reese was unwilling to tell producers of her upcoming films that she was pregnant and was hiding her changing body under 1920s style swimsuits, baggy clothing and 'Empire-waist dresses'.

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  2. Is this a recent photo? I don't think she's looked this sultry in a while if it is a recent photo...
  3. wow, she looks hot here!
  4. It's an older photo...She looks really pretty! I think she looks much better with longer hair like this.
  5. I'm pretty sure that's an older photo, when they were first together. She looks really young.
  6. That's what I thought too...She needs to go back to this look! She's "cute" now, but she was "hot" then. Just my opinion..
  7. I've seen several pictures where Reese looked like she might barely be pregnant (or maybe she just had a big lunch?) and then the same day they will have a picture where she doesn't look pregnant at all. They did the same thing with Jennifer Lopez. I think these photographers don't have enough to do but sit around and look at celebrity stomachs or the way they are dressing (God help you if you choose an empire waste blouse or dress), or if you accidentally put your hand or hands in front of your stomach, they are searching frantically for some sign of a bump.

    Can you imagine be under that kind of day to day scrutiny? It would be awful! I say leave them all alone until they decide to make some kind of announcement. They will say something eventually if it's true. I could care less if I find out that they are three months pregnant or nine months. Peggy
  8. I have that issue!!!
    Good for Reese for standing up to the tabloids! They should not have free reign to say whatever they feel will sell magazines!
  9. I'm built like Reese, we have thin legs and gain weight in our tummies.
    :sad: We have a short torso and that's just where the weight goes, everyday my tummy looks different too!
  10. I so would have paid attention to that article if I wasn't too busy staring at Ryan.

    *fans self*

    His eyes are tres sexy.
  11. They're a beautiful couple.
  12. i love her and him. think they are cute
  13. Same! My tummy is so annoying! Thats where everything goes. Then if I dont eat very much for a few days straight I look like a stick, and all the while my legs are just thin and unattractive, lol.
  14. i think these two are darling together!
  15. i can totally understand her. those rumors with pregnancy and celebs all the time is so annoying...