reese&ryan reunite for the kids

  1. i love this family together:yes:
    reese&ryan reunite for kids.jpg
  2. He is too hot for her.
  3. Awwwe, so sweet.
  4. Yah right, she is too classy for him!!!:yes:
  5. ITA!!

    I liked them together personally, but I think she's WAY classier than he is and she's absolutely gorgeous!!
  6. He looks like a slob here. She is too classy for him. I like her with Jake (although I read they had broken up:crybaby:).
  7. Nope. She's too good for his cheating a%$.
  8. Coundn't he have found a proper shirt to put on? She is wayyyyyy better off w/o him!
  9. ewww his outfit is hideous!! its not the 80's ryan!! ur not don johnson!!! why would you want to even go there?????????
  10. They are a cute family, it is so sad they broke up. I think she is beautiful both inside and out, I really admire her.
  11. I don't like him at all.
  12. He's so OVER since they broke up.... in 10 years he is going to be so sorry he blew that relationship to play around with bimbos... :rolleyes:
  13. i think hes so greasy looking, hes always had the dirtbag look about him, shes so beautiful and classy she can have so many guys hotter than him. besides she makes way more money than him.
  14. i want them back together. they were so adorable.
  15. I think it is very considerate of them to put their differences aside and be together for the the kids!

    Out of all of Hollywood's couple - past & present - I have to say that I liked them the most... they seem so normal.