Reese Out Shopping

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  1. :rolleyes:
    reesewitherspoonshop.jpg reesewitherspoonshop2.jpg reesewitherspoonshop3.jpg
  2. I think all of these other newly separated, newly divorced starlets should take a page out of HER book. She handles herself sooooo well.
  3. She is just so adorable. I love her!!
  4. ITA! :yes:

    She's so classy.
  5. most underrated beauty in holywood
  6. She is so sweet!!!:love:
  7. She's so cute, her eyes look so sad...I feel really bad for both of them.
  8. She looks cute!
  9. Looking at the middle pic I thought the same thing. The holiday season must be very difficult.:sad:
  10. I think she looks great, I like her hair and outfit. She's always classy!!
  11. I love her! :yes:
  12. She looks beautiful, were you thinking?
  13. she's not pretty, but very interesting. she got something that made people loved her.
    btw, what's the bag? it's pretty :drool:
  14. She looks great! Word on the street is she is moving to SC with her kiddies
  15. She's my kinda gal. Love her understated style.