Reena's collection

  1. Ok, after resizing the pics, Vlad, I hope it's not too big, here are some of my precious bags :love: :love: :love: . I've been collecting since I was in college and I love classic shapes which I can wear 20 years down the road!

    The Beige bags.JPG

    I love Chanel!.JPG

    Some of my fav black bags.JPG

    Some more fav bags.JPG

    Strictly for nights!.JPG
  2. you've got quite a variety. very nice!
  3. very nice collection i luv your bags!
  4. Wow so many beautiful bags! What are all of the sparkly bags in the last picture!
  5. Wow nice collection!!
  6. Nice well rounded collection :biggrin:
  7. Beautiful bags!!!
  8. Wow :love:
  9. nice bags!!
  10. That's quite the colleciton, I really like your Chanel !
  11. Reena, great collection! Thank you for sharing.
  12. Great stuff!
  13. Very nice collection!
  14. Nice stuff Reena! V
  15. Very nice collection! Great variety.
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