reefs on sale...

  1. hey all got a pair of reef's flip flops from Shoe Mania (at union sq., nyc) for 9.95. not sure if thats that great of a deal, though i know they usually run for $20 i believe?

    Anyone ever seen them for a lot cheaper?

    also wanted to ask if they are as comfortable as people say they are and if so which styles? i got this pair with thinner straps but the thicker ones seem to feel more comfortable, although i wanted something with more arch support

    but yeah.. 9.95 for reef's at shoe mania!
  2. I love reefs!

  3. the reef "fannings" are awesome! soooo comfy and they come with a bottle opener on the bottom or a little tray that slides out for your stash.....of money:okay:. people get such a kick out of them. i bought a pair for my 4 year old and my husband and 5 pair for my coteachers. they all rave about them. i paid $55 for them tho. if you can get em cheaper youd be nuts not to.
  4. They are the best! I live in my reef sandals (and Rainbow) during the summer...I live at the beach! Also...don't forget about price matching....if you find a sandal on sale (or any shoe) check Zappos and other sites to see if they have it too...then they price match it and add 10%...its pretty cool!!!
  5. i love my reefs! I have two pairs of the same style in different colors. Not sure what it's called but they look like sneaker bottoms. VERY comfy
  6. holy moly i just saw the reefs on Zappos and they are like $45! i feel even better now about my purchase lol thanks for the price matching tip - u can do price matching on stores that don't offer it online, as well?
  7. I LOVE my reefs. I've had them NINE years and used the crap out of them and they're still going strong. I have taken them on every single beach vacation we've gone on in 9 years, which is saying a lot! My sister introduced me to them and at the time I thought I was way overpaying for flip flops for $20!!! If I calculated price per wear, it'd be negative by now. They're the best flip flops made, IMO.