reef or havaianas

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  1. I'm trying to find a pair of comfy flip flops and can't decide between reef and havaianas. I always buy flip flops and they're pretty comfy in the beginning but then when i walk more than a few hours in them they start hurting my feet. Sometimes it hurts the bottom of my feet. I had a pair of flip flops that was super soft but i could feel the strap part that connects to the bottom of the shoe under my feet and it starts getting uncomfortable after a while. Which brand do you guys prefer and why?
  2. Neither - try Rainbow!!
  3. Between those 2 reef... havaianas are just rubber no support or anything
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    Reef. I loved my pair of Reef Sandys and could walk forever in them. I also have numerous pairs of Havaianas that I bought because they had cute colors and prints. They aren't very cushiony and the strap part never fits my foot well. I get rub sores on the sides where the straps attach to the bottom. Sizing has also been and issue-size 37 is too big but 36 is too small. But hey, they were cute so I bought them.:rolleyes:

    So Reef, definitely. Someone also mentioned Rainbow above and they are also pretty good.
  5. I'm with Greentea on this one. They mold to your feet. They are amazing and super comfy.
  6. I can't help with the brands you listed but just wanted to say i recently purchased a pair if Ugg Hamoa flip flops and they are so comfy. They are very cushioned and I plan on using them next summer when I know I will be doing lots of walking
  7. I vote for rainbow. You have to break them in, but afterwards they're the most comfy, best quality flip flop.
  8. Reef! The straps never cuts into my skin and there is no breaking in period required.
  9. Definitely Reef! I have both brands and I think Reef Gingers are way more versatile. My favorite pairs are both 4+ years old and still look great despite all of the abuse they have endured (many trips overseas, walking tours, trips around NYC and Boston). Even after many hours of wearing them they still feel comfortable.
  10. After developing an EXTREMELY painful foot condition (plantar Fasciitis) the doctor told me that part of the reason I developed it was from wearing flip flops and shoes with no support for so many years. He told me no more flip flops unless they had arch support. So, after living with this condition for the last 6 years, I've found three brands that make flip flops that are nice looking and comfortable with the added benefit of giving your feet the support they need. Believe me, you DO NOT want to develop this problem. I know it will sound lame and old fashioned to say, but young or old, you need to take care of your feet, because if you don't the results later will not be good. The three brands are -OluKai , Abeo, and Orthaheel. There are probably a few more but these are the ones that work for me and my painful feet.
  11. I would recommend the Teva Olowahu instead of Reef or Havaiana flipflops. Teva Olowahu style is very cushy (it feels like you're walking on a pillow), has a tiny bit of arch support, and the straps hold them securely on your feet so you don't have to "grip" the way you do with flip flops. The fabric straps have also never rubbed my feet.
  12. I like Rainbow better than both of those. But if I had to pick just between those two, I would go with Reef! The straps on the havaianas as too big for my feet, as in they don't hug my feet and stick out.
  13. Do the Rainbows have an arch? Where do you buy them?
  14. They do have an arch, they even have a pair with a double arch for more support. I bought mine at the Flip Flop shop in my mall. You can also get them from their website.

  15. Thank you so much! I'll have to try a pair. :smile: