Reed Krakofft's Sidekick

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  1. ohh WOW!!! id love to have that sidekick. for some reason i LOVE the snake skin case for it...maybe because of the yummy legacy lining.
  2. Love this! I'm a sucker for legacy stripes!!
  3. hehehe...when I read this, I kept thinking of a guy walking next to him, telling jokes, etc...

    I looked at the link and went, "OH!"
  4. For the coachie that has everything! :p That's sweet!
  5. Cute......
  6. WOW...I can now say i have seen it all
  7. I love this! Its so cute!
  8. How Awesome!!:tup:
    I would love :heart: to have that!!
  9. WOW now that is cool! Very unique! If anyone gets that they have to let us now. You'd be the envy of everyone. :queen:
  10. I love it! I hope a pfer gets it :heart:
  11. I would love it more if it was signature. I hope they make one just like the Juicy Couture ones.
  12. awww... it's so darn cute!
  13. wowzers

    does anyone notice this person has an awful lot of charitable/designer sidekicks?