Reed Krakoff at Kohl's??

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  1. There is discussion in the RK thread in Coach Shopping.... The title isn't specific to Kohl's though so you have to be in there to know.
  2. OK, thanks. :biggrin: I figured this would be big news so I was wondering why I didn't see it on the board.
  3. These Reed K bags just cant be comparable to Coach since they are faux leather. I feel you get what you pay for and leather outwears faux leather for me!
  4. Vegans... Targeting new group of customers.
  5. Most of them will probably be in the landfill within a year or so.
  6. And will remain there for at least another 500 or 1000 years in exactly the condition they were in when the Streets and Sanitation people chucked them in there, just quietly leaking their toxic chemicals into the watershed.
  7. Just got my ad for Kohls...looking at the front cover and see Coach look alikes..and the collection as Reed. I had to google to see if RK really went to Kohls. He did!! So he goes from designing Coach to his own designer line to Foach at Kohls. I always did want an RK boxer but didn't want to spend so much...
    Wonder if the Foach line will do any better than his designer line????
    I work retail and people keep buying the plastic purses..I tell them to invest in leather.. shop at Coach(at least the outlet).

  8. And the scammers are already coming out of the woodwork - read the recent posts at the Shopping board about the charmer who's selling "Reeds" at a 1000 percent markup. I had a feeling that would happen:
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    This is a very bad direction for the accessories, seriously.
    But at least bags are not that bad for the health, bags to be carried not to wear. Just returned the whole order of cole haan leather sneakers( 3 pairs) when saw that they are now lined in grocery bags, oh, pardon, PU. It took only 30 minutes for my feet to become sweaty. Could not believe it.... Sneakers?! Half leather, half PU? Not for vegans anyway, so why? To cut production costs? Description cowardly says nothing about lining material.
    Asked a question on cole haan website, got answers- its genuine leather( in your dreams), don't know but it looks like leather, and don't think it is leather. Customers have to guess?
  10. That would bother me too. I'd rather see cloth lining. It seems like your feet wouldn't be able to breathe with PU. A lot of shoe manufacturers have used pig suede lining in shoes. I wonder if they are stopping this practice because there are so many consumers that are Muslim.
  11. This! Want to make cheaper shoes use dmn canvas! PU for msrp of $150-200, seriously? They were impossible to wear. And I have been wearing cole haan sneakers forever. Well, I am done with cole haan.
  12. I'm going to order the fuschia boxer to see what it's all about plus I have a 30% off. I'll report back
  13. Prepare to be underwhelmed :sad: I bought one of the RK40 bags just to see, and it was just awful. I cannot get over the plastic feeling faux leather.