Reece On Her Way To A Yoga Class

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  2. She's so cute!
  3. i really love reese's handbag. anyone knows the designer?
  4. Yeah, she always looks adorable. She seems like she would be a really sweet person too. :yes:
  5. she looks adorable... always have liked her..
  6. I love her. If there was one celebrity I would want to be, it's her. She's so cute and stylish and seems to be quite well-balanced with work, family and life.
  7. love her. little miss perfect.
  8. adorable. I so love her.
  9. I love her!! She always looks so cute! :cutesy:
  10. She seems so grounded & sweet
  11. i believe that's the larger size as well. it's a great bag. haven't gotten it yet, but i've been to the boutique and the leather is wonderful.
  12. I just love her.
  13. awwww cute and petite