Redye touch-ups @ the spa?

  1. Does anyone know if Hermes can redye worn out edges and spots where the dye has worn off? I think so but I'm not sure... Thanks!
  2. If it's Box calf those corners will come back looking like new!!!!
  3. I love my boxcalf!
  4. Some of the textured leathers, like chevre, porc, epsom, vache liegee, can only be touched up so much. Once the texture is worn down, they can only touch it up with a little dye.
  5. They were able to redye the worn corner of my Togo Toto...not necessarily good as new perfect...( some spots are still worn) but pretty damn close
  6. Makes me want to buy more box Kellys!
  7. Has anyone had a redye touchup of a Togo Birkin at the spa?
  8. How about if the textured leather is fine, just a "bald" spot?
  9. with box, they are still just re-dying it, right? but since it's smooth leather, the color missing is the only tell-tale aging and dye looks consistent with the rest of the leather when placed on that spot. am i wrong?
    i would be fine if a togo bag were merely spot-treated with dye. the pale part is what would catch the eye, so covering it would do the trick.

  10. That's what I had. It looks great...just tiny part where the dye did not catch fully. Like pin point size...