Redye Chanel Bag: Beige or Black

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  1. Amazingly done! May I ask how much the bag was?
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  2. Wow that's money well spent! It looks so good. And I keep reading "redye" as "REDeye" lol
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  3. Hi! Yeah sure! I bought it for about $1500 in okay condition :smile:
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  4. Really no regrets on this one! And :lol:
  5. Photos when you do!
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  7. OP, I'm so happy for you! It turned out amazing! Mark truly is a perfectionist and a great communicator during the process. Hope you enjoy many happy years to come with your bag!
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  8. Hi! Your comments gave me the confidence to go through with it I actually have another bag on its way to him Thank you so much for your kind words. Stay safe ❤️
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  9. How fun! I think if more people understood what could be done by an experienced restorer (Mark has a background directly with Chanel and has been doing this work for years and years) they would be more likely to take a chance on a bag. Please come back for a reveal on the second bag! :smile:
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  10. I mean this seems fake no? It’s described to be redyed from pearly caramel to beige clair.
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  12. Yeah I think so, so I’mnot gonna get it!
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  13. Mark is great. He repainted the resin on my SO Birkin from beige to gray. He did an awesome job!
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  14. can I please get Marks"s info. I have a navy single flap in lamb leather that I would like to change the color to black